VMware Certified Professional on VI4 Exam Dumps Shared

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How to prepare for the  VMware Certified Professional on VI4 exam test ? Why do we need to take this VCP410 certification exam ?
It is not hard for us to gain this VMware Certified Professional on VI4 certification as long as we need. Just setout the exam VCP-410  that we need to take relaxly, easygoing with latest VCP410 exam is enough for us to clear the exam.

Prepare for the VCP-410exam test, read the latest exam questions and answers as below which shows for for free.

During the installation of a new Nortel Converged Office solution you decide to perform packet captures
while making some test calls. After some analysis of the packet capture, you notice that the dual-forking
functionality is not working. Which is the correct Class of Service setting to enable twinning on a PCA
Terminal Number (TN) in a Nortel Converged Office solution with OCS 2007?

While at a customer site installing a Nortel Converged Office solution, you test the Remote Call Control
and the Telephony Gateway feature with an IP telephone and Office Communicator 2007 client. You find
that the Remote Call Control and Telephony Gateway and Services feature is not working. After
troubleshooting you decide to review the basic requirements to deploy the solution. Which
Communication Server 1000 software package provides the Remote Call Control Telephony Gateway
and Services feature?
A.Package 77
B.Package 398
C.Package 406
D.Package 408
Once vCenter 4.x has been installed, a License Server is required in which of the following instances?
A. A License Server is always required
B. To support ESXi 4.x Hosts
C. To support ESX 3.5 Hosts
D. A License Server is no longer required
Answer: C
Which of the following features is not a part of the vSphere Advanced Edition?
A. VMware Storage VMotion
B. VMware VMotion
C. VMware Data Recovery
D. VMware Fault Tolerance
Answer: A
Which vSphere Editions include VMware Data Recovery (Choose Two)?
A. vSphere Essentials Plus or higher
B. vSphere Advanced or higher
C. vSphere Standard or higher
D. vSphere Essentials or higher
Answer: AB

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