New Workloads Sales V1 C9020-667 Exam Questions

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 Are you looking for real IBM C9020-667 IBM Certified Specialist - New Workloads Sales V1 exam questions to prepare for C9020-667 IBM New Workloads Sales V1? If yes, just choose Killtest New Workloads Sales V1 C9020-667 Exam Questions now. We just got reviews from our customers, who have passed IBM C9020-667 exam with Killtest New Workloads Sales V1 C9020-667 Exam Questions.

New Workloads Sales V1 C9020-667 Exam Questions

Which characteristic of a customer's server defines the storage device that could be attached?
A. Form factor
B. Clock speed
C. Memory size
D. Operating system
Answer: D

Which type of tape should an IBM sales specialist recommend to an enterprise customer?
A. 3480
Answer: C

What simplifies customer training requirements for storage management across multiple IBM enterprise offerings?
A. Redbooks
B. Storage GUIs
C. DS Storage Manager
D. Directed Maintenance Package
Answer: B

Which product will allow a customer to aggregate, monitor, and recommend optimization for existing storage?
C. IBM Spectrum Control
D. IBM Spectrum Virtualize
Answer: C

What is a customer with storage management constraints likely to inquire about?
A. IBM Spectrum Control
B. IBM Spectrum Protect
C. IBM Spectrum Archive
D. IBM Spectrum Accelerate
Answer: A

Compared to other enterprise storage systems, which product has made the most changes to be energy efficient?
A. V7000 with Unified
B. XIV with 16Gb FICON
C. V7000 with block only
D. DS8870 with DC-UPS
Answer: D

Which key metric drives a customer's disaster recovery strategy?
Answer: B

A mainframe customer wants to store petabytes of encrypted backups. The customer does not want to use physical tape any longer but does not wish to change any backup processes.
Which solution should the sales person propose to the customer?
A. TS7740
B. DS8000
C. ProtecTIER
D. XIV Hot Encryption
Answer: A

Which IBM product is applicable to a customer that has block storage sites in China, Japan, and Singapore, and needs to have them kept in sync for disaster recovery?
C. DS8000
D. IBM Spectrum Virtualize
Answer: C

A bank customer has two sites in Italy and France. One site uses IBM storage and the other uses a competitor.
Which IBM solution is required for block storage when unifying the sites for disaster recovery?
C. DS8000
D. IBM Spectrum Control
Answer: D

Which concern should a sales specialist raise with a customer requesting 4TB drives to support an SAP environment?
A. Higher maintenance costs
B. More capacity than needed
C. Higher power requirements
D. Less performance than needed
Answer: D

Which tool should a sales specialist use to verify that a proposed XIV solution will deliver the performance required by a customer's high transactional database applications?
A. STAT Tool
B. Disk Magic
C. Batch Magic
D. Capacity Magic
Answer: B

How will the IBM FlashSystem help improve the performance for the customer's database application?
A. It will improve latency.
B. It will improve replication.
C. It will improve throughput.
D. It will improve deduplication.
Answer: A

When considering a high availability solution to replicate data between locations, which information is most important to know?
A. Peak reads
B. Peak writes
C. Average reads
D. Average writes
Answer: B

Which IBM solution will provide 400 TB of NFS storage?
B. DS8870
C. Storwize V7000
D. IBM Spectrum Scale
Answer: D

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