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C9510-401 IBM WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment V8.5.5 and Liberty Profile, System Administration Dumps

A system administrator was asked by the development team to inform them of any warning message which contains a string "Connection" on a WebSphere Application Server with High Performance Extensible Logging (HPEL) enabled. 
What should the administrator do to continuously monitor logs for the required message? 
A.Configure log detail levels to include filter on "Connection" string. 
B.Use the Log Viewer in the administrative console with filter on "Connection" string. 
C.Use the or logviewer.bat command with appropriate options. 
D.Use the Log Viewer in the administrative console with filter on "Connection" string and enable the 'Refresh automatically' feature. 
Answer: C 

A system administrator ran the backup Config command to backup the configuration using the nostop option. The administrator changed the properties for the service integration environment by modifying the file. During testing the administrator noticed Service Integration Bus related errors and wanted to restore the service integration environment. The administrator used the restore config command, but the tuning properties for the service integration environment were not restored. 
How can the administrator prevent this issue? 
A.Use full repository checkpoints for both the backup and the restore. 
B.Use the restoreconfig command with -nostop for the restore. 
C.Use the manageprofiles command for both the backup and the restore. 
D.Use the backupconfig command without -nostop for the backup Use the restoreconfig command without -nostop for the restore. 
Answer: B

A system administrator needs to install WebSphere Application Server using response files, so that silent install can be done. The administrator has ensured that all required prerequisites have already been installed and, has downloaded and expanded the required WebSphere Application Server installation files. 
What can the administrator run to install the product? 
A.install -options responsefile.xml -silent 
B.install -acceptLicense -options responsefile.xml -silent 
C.install -acceptLicense input responsefile.xml -log logfile.txt 
D.IBMIM -acceptLicense -input responsefile.xml -log logfile.txt 
Answer: A 

A system administrator completed a WebSphere Application Server installation by using the Installation Manager. During installation, all defaults were selected for the installation root directories and the shared resources directory. Over time, the administrator has updated the installation with various interim fixes and fix packs. The administrator notices that the shared resources directory is very large in size and grows larger each time the Installation Manager is run. 
How can the administrator decrease the size and remove some of the content from the shared resources directory? 
A.Manually delete content from the directory. 
B.During an update, create a new shared resources directory. 
C.Clear the Delete Saved Files option for the Installation Manager. 
D.Set the preserveDownloadedArtifacts preference to false. 
Answer: D 

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